Scientific research and monitoring

The Ecological Station conducts its own research and monitoring. Moreover, it is a place of scientific research carried out by employees of AMU and other scientific and research units.

Meteorological monitoring

Regular measurements of atmospheric precipitation started in 1991. Since then, the range of meteorological observations and measurements has been systematically extended. Since 2000, measurements have been carried out automatically. In addition to precipitation, measurements include: air temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind direction and speed.

Hydrological monitoring

Hydrological monitoring has been carried out since 2002. Since 2012, monthly monitoring of surface water level fluctuations covers 10 lakes and three small water bodies. From 2020, the hydrological monitoring has been extended by 26 points to register fluctuations in groundwater level, supplemented with water chemistry analyses.

Monitoring of spatial changes of the Wielkopolska National Park environment

Combined with the research on changes and development directions of the Poznań metropolis, the data on spatial changes of the Park area and its buffer zone constitute the basis of the Expert Database

Other current and completed research topics at the Station:

• Ecology of selected lakes of the Wielkopolska National Park
• Long-term changes in the flora and vegetation of Lake Lednica (western Poland) against the background of changes in the nature of the catchment area and local climatic conditions
• Dormouse reintroduction in western Poland – research conducted by prof. Mirosław Jurczyszyn from the Faculty of Biology, AMU
• Environmental chemistry of the WNP, especially precipitation – research conducted in the past by prof. Barbara Walna